Code 46

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Code 46 ★★½ 2003 (R)

Stylish, scifi noir explores the nottoodistant future where, in order to travel from city to cloistered city, people need “papelles,” a combination visa, passport and genetic ID code. Evidently, excessive cloning has led to DNA protected zones that require strict policing. Robbins is William Geld, an investigator who has been infected with an empathy virus that enables him to read minds. Geld is tracking forged papelles, which leads him to Shanghai and the suspect Maria (Morton), a Shanghai factory worker. Geld, however falls for Maria and they enter into an intense love affair. Some provocative ideas and good premise are compromised by lack of chemistry between Robbins and Morton. 92m/C DVD . GB Tim Robbins, Samantha Morton, Jeanne Balibar, Om Puri, Essie Davis, Shelley King, David Fahm; D: Michael Winterbottom; W: Frank CottrellBoyce; C: Alwin Kuchler, Marcel Zyskind; M: David Holmes.