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CHARLESWORTH, James H(amilton)

CHARLESWORTH, James H(amilton). American, b. 1940. Genres: Theology/Religion. Career: Ordained United Methodist minister, deacon, 1963, elder, 1972; Duke University, Durham, NC, assistant professor, 1969-74, associate professor of religion, 1974-84, director of International Center on Christian Origins, 1975-84; Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, 1984-. American Schools of Oriental Research, Jerusalem, Thayer fellow, 1968-69; University of Tuebingen, Alexander von Humboldt fellow, 1983-84; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Lady Davis Visiting Professor, 1988; Albright Institute, Jerusalem, annual professor, 1998-99. Publications: Tools for the Study of the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and Cognate Works, 1970; The Pseudepigrapha and Modern Research, 1976, rev. ed., 1981; Papyri and Leather Manuscripts of the Odes of Solomon, 1981; (with G.T. Zervos) The New Discoveries in St. Catharine's Monastery, 1981; The History of the Rechabites, vol. 1: The Greek Recension, 1982; The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and the New Testament, 1985; The Discovery of a Dead Sea Scroll (4Q Therapeia), 1985; The New Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, 1987; Jesus within Judaism, 1988; The Beloved Disciple 1995; Authentic Apocrypha, 1998; The Odes of Solomon, 1998; How Barisat Bellowed, 1998; The Millennium Guide for Pilgrims to the Holy Land, 2000. EDITOR: (and contrib.) John and Qumran, 1972; (and trans.) The Odes of Solomon, 1973, rev. ed., 1978; (and contrib.) The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, vol. 1: Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments, 1983, vol. 2: Expansions of the "Old Testament" and Legends, 1985; Jews and Christians, 1990; (with J.M. O'Connor) Paul and the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1990; Graphic Concordance to the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1991; (with J.J. Collins) Mysteries and Revelations, 1991; Jesus's Jewishness, 1991; The Messiah, 1992; Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1992; Overcoming Fear between Jews and Christians, 1992; (with W. P. Weaver) What Has Archaeology to Do with Faith?, 1992; (with K. Stendahl) The Scrolls and the New Testament, 1992; The Rule of the Community and Related Documents, 1993; (with W.P. Weaver) The Old and New Testaments, 1993; (with C.A. Evans) The Pseudepigrapha and Early Biblical Interpretation, 1993; (with W.P. Weaver) Images of Jesus Today, 1994; (with M. Harding and M. Kiley) The Lord's Prayer and Other Prayer Texts form the Greco-Roman Era, 1994; (with W.P. Weaver) Earthing Christologies, 1995; Damascus Document, War Scroll and Related Documents, 1995; Quran Questions, 1995; The Dead Sea Scrolls, 1996; Pseudepigrapha and Non-Masoretic Psalms, Daily Prayers, and Related Documents, 1997; (with L. Johns) Hillel and Jesus, 1997; (with W.P. Weaver) The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Faith, 1998; Caves of Enlightenment, 1998; Angelic Liturgy, 1999; (with W.P. Weaver) Jesus Two Thousand Years Later, 2000; (with others) Miscellaneous Texts from the Judaean Desert, 2000; The Hebrew Bible and Qumran, 2000. Address: Biblical Department, Box 821, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ 08542, U.S.A.

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