Chandler, Alfred D(upont), Jr.

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CHANDLER, Alfred D(upont), Jr.

CHANDLER, Alfred D(upont), Jr. American, b. 1918. Genres: Business/Trade/Industry, Economics, History, Biography. Career: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, research associate to full professor, 1950-63; Johns Hopkins University, professor of history, 1963-71, dept. chairman, 1966-70, director, Center for the Study of Recent American History, 1964-71; Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration, Straus Professor of Business History, 1971-89, professor emeritus, 1989-. Publications: The Origins of Progressive Leadership, 1954; Henry Varnum Poor, 1956; The Beginnings of Big Business in American Industry, 1959; Strategy and Structure, 1962; The Role of Business in the United States, 1968; The Changing Economic Order, 1968; (co-author) Pierre S. Dupont and the Making of the Modern Corporation, 1971, rev. ed., 2001; The Rise of Managerial Capitalism and Its Impact on Investment Strategy in the Western World and Japan, 1974; The Visible Hand, 1977 (Pulitzer Prize for History, 1978); Administrative Coordination, Allocation and Monitoring, 1977; Precursors of Modern Management, 1979; (co-author) Managerial Hierarchies, 1980; (with R. Tedlow) The Coming of Managerial Capitalism, 1985; The Evolution of Modern Global Competition, 1984; The Essential Alfred Chandler, 1988; Scale and Scope, 1990; The Enduring Logic of Industrial Success, 1990; Creating Competitive Capability, 1991; Organizational Capabilities and the Economic History of the Industrial Enterprise, 1992; Corporate Strategy, Structure, and Control Methods in the U.S. during the 20th Century, 1992; Organizational Capabilities and Industrial Restructuring, 1993; The Function of the HQ Unit in the Multibusiness Firm, 1993; Managerial Enterprise and the Entrepreneurial Function, 1994; The Competitive Performance of U.S. Industrial Enterprises since the Second World War, 1994; Entrepreneurial Achievements, 1996; (with T.K. McCraw and R.S. Tedlow) Management: Past and Present, 1996; Inventing the Electronic Century, 2002. EDITOR: (asst.) The Letters of Theodore Roosevelt, 4 vols., 1950-53; (gen.) Forces in Economic Growth Series, 1963-; The Railroads, 1965; Giant Enterprise, 1966; Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 5 vols., 1970; The New American State Papers, 2 vols., 1972; Pioneers in Modern Factory Management, 1979; The Application of Modern Systematic Management, 1979; History of Management Thought and Practice, 1980; (with F. Amatori and T. Hikino) Big Business and the Wealth of Nations, 1997; (with P. Hagstrom and O. Sovell) The Dynamic Firm, 1998; (with J.W. Cortada) A Nation Transformed by Information, 2000. Address: Cumnock 300, Harvard Business School, Soldiers Field, Boston, MA 02163, U.S.A.