Cavalry Charge

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Cavalry Charge ★★½ The Last Outpost 1951

Vance Britton (Reagan) is the captain of a brigade of Confederate troops wreaking havoc on Union outposts. His brother Jeb (Bennett) is a Union soldier sent to the western frontier to take care of the Confederate problem. Vance's former fiance Julie (Fleming) is also living in the territories with her new husband. All three converge when the Union fort, where Julie is living and Jeb is defending, is attacked by Apaches. Brother Vance rides to the rescue. Lots of action. 72m/C VHS, DVD . Ronald Reagan, Bruce Bennett, Rhonda Fleming, Noah Beery Jr., Bill Williams, Peter Hansen, Hugh Beaumont, John Ridgely, Lloyd Corrigan, James Burke, Richard Crane, Ewing Mitchell; D: Lewis R. Foster; W: Daniel Mainwaring, George Worthing Yates, Winston Miller; C: Loyal Griggs.

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Cavalry Charge

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