Cause Celebre

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Cause Celebre ★★★ 1987

Absorbing true crime drama set in Britain during the ’30s. Alma Rattenbury (Mirren) is in a dull marriage to an aging and ill husband (Andrews) and is beset by financial and domestic difficulties. Then Alma hires 18-year-old George Bowman (Morrissey) as a family servant/chauffeur and, despite their age difference, the two are soon lovers. When her husband is bludgeoned to death, both Alma and George are swiftly arrested and on trial. But just who committed the crime and who is covering up? 105m/C VHS, DVD . GB Helen Mirren, David Morrissey, David Suchet, Harry Andrews, Norma West, Oliver Ford Davies, Geoffrey Bayldon, Gillian Martell; D: John Gorrie; W: Kenneth Taylor; C: Malcolm Harrison, Trevor Vaisey; M: Richard Harvey. TV