Causley, Charles (Stanley)

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CAUSLEY, Charles (Stanley)

CAUSLEY, Charles (Stanley). British, b. 1917. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, Translations, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Literary Ed., Apollo in the West, and Signature, BBC mags., 1953-56; Honorary Visiting Fellow in Poetry, University of Exeter, 1973-74; Teacher in Cornwall, 1947-76; FRSL 1958; Hon. D. Litt. University of Exeter, 1977; Hon. M.A. open U., 1982; Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry, 1967; Cholmondeley Award, 1971; Kurt Maschler Award, 1987; Ingersoll Prize, 1990; CBE, 1986. Publications: Runaway (play), 1936; The Conquering Hero (play), 1937; Benedict (play), 1938; Hands to Dance and Skylark (adult short stories), 1951, 1979; Farewell, Aggie Weston, 1951; Survivor's Leave, 1953; Union Street: Poems, 1957; The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond, 1958; Johnny Alleluia: Poems, 1961; (with G. Barker and M. Bell) Penguin Modern Poets 3, 1962; Ballad of the Bread Man, 1968; Underneath the Water: Poems, 1968; Figure of 8: Narrative Poems, 1969; Figgie Hobbin: Poems for Children, 1971; (with L. Lee) Pergamon Poets 10, 1970; Timothy Winters, 1970; The Tail of the Trinosaur (in verse for children), 1973; Collected Poems, 1951-1975, 1975; When Dad Felt Bad, 1975; Dick Whittington (children's story) 1976; Here We Go Round The Round House (verse), 1976; The Hill of the Fairy Calf (verse), 1976; Three Heads Made of Gold (children's story), 1978; The Gift of a Lamb (verse-play), 1978; The Animals' Carol (verse), 1978; The Last King of Cornwall (children's story), 1978; (music by Tate) St. Martha and the Dragon, 1978; (trans.) 25 Poems by Hamdija Demirovic 1980; The Ballad of Aucassin and Nicolette, 1981; Secret Destinations, 1984; (trans.) Kings' Children (German ballads), 1986; 21 Poems, 1986; Early in the Morning: Poems for Children, 1986; "Quack!" Said the Billy Goat, 1986; Jack the Treacle Eater: Poems for Children, 1987; A Field of Vision: Poems, 1988; (music by W. Mathias) Jonah, 1990; The Young Man of Cury (children's verse), 1991; Bring in the Holly (children's verse), 1992; Collected Poems, 1992; All Day Saturday, 1994; Going to the Fair: Selected Poems for Children, 1994; Collected Poems for Children, 1996; (with U.A. Fanthrope and E. Mitchell), Penguin Modern Poets 6, 1996; Collected Poems 1951-97, 1997; Charles Causley Selected Poems for Children, 1997. EDITOR: Peninsula: An Anthology of Verse from the West- Country, 1957; Dawn and Dusk: Poems of Our Time, 1962; Rising Early: Story Poems and Ballads of the 20th Century (in U.S. as Modern Ballads and Story Poems), 1964; Modern Folk Ballads, 1966; In the Music I Hear: Poems by Children, 1970; Oats and Beans and Barley: Poems by Children, 1971; The Puffin Book of Magic Verse, 1974; The Puffin Book of Salt-Sea Verse, 1978; The Batsford Book of Story Verse, 1979; The Sun, Dancing, 1982; Hymn, 1983. Died 2003.