Bulla, Clyde Robert

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BULLA, Clyde Robert

BULLA, Clyde Robert. American, b. 1914. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Translations, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Farmer until 1943; Linotype Operator and Columnist, Tri-County News, King City, Missouri, 1943-49. Publications: These Bright Young Dreams, 1941; The Donkey Cart, 1946; Riding the Pony Express, 1948; The Secret Valley, 1949; Surprise for a Cowboy, 1950; A Ranch for Danny, 1951; Johnny Hong of Chinatown, 1952; Song of St. Francis, 1952; Star of Wild Horse Canyon, 1953; Eagle Feather, 1953; Squanto, Friend of the White Men, 1954, as Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims, 1969; Down the Mississippi, 1954; White Sails to China, 1955; A Dog Named Penny (reader), 1955; John Billington, Friend of Squanto, 1956; The Sword in the Tree, 1956; Old Charlie, 1957; Ghost Town Treasure, 1957; Pirate's Promise, 1958; The Valentine Cat, 1959; Stories of Favorite Operas, 1959; A Tree Is a Plant, 1960; Three-Dollar Mule, 1960; The Sugar Pear Tree, 1961; Benito, 1961; What Makes a Shadow?, 1962; The Ring and the Fire: Stories from Wagner's Niebelung Operas, 1962; Viking Adventure, 1963; Indian Hill, 1963; St. Valentine's Day, 1965; More Stories of Favorite Operas, 1965; Lincoln's Birthday, 1966; White Bird, 1966; Washington's Birthday, 1967; Flowerpot Gardens, 1967; Stories of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, 1968; The Ghost of Windy Hill, 1968; Mika's Apple Tree; A Story of Finland, 1968; The Moon Singer, 1969; New Boy in Dublin: A Story of Ireland, 1969; Jonah and the Great Fish, 1970; Joseph the Dreamer, 1971; Pocahontas and the Strangers, 1971; (trans.) M. Bollinger, Noah and the Rainbow, 1972; Open the Door and See All the People, 1972; Dexter, 1973; The Wish at the Top, 1974; Shoeshine Girl, 1975; Marco Moonlight, 1976; The Beast of Lor, 1977; (with M. Syson) Conquista!, 1978; Last Look, 1979; The Stubborn Old Woman, 1980; My Friend the Monster, 1980; Daniel's Duck, 1980; A Lion to Guard Us, 1981; Almost a Hero, 1981; Dandelion Hill, 1982; Poor Boy, Rich Boy, 1982; Charlie's House, 1983; The Cardboard Crown, 1984; A Grain of Wheat, 1985; The Chalk Box Kid, 1987; Singing Sam, 1989; The Christmas Coat, 1990; A Place for Angels, 1995; The Paint Brush Kid, 1999.