Brown's Requiem

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Brown's Requiem ★★½ 1998 (R)

Ex-cop and exdrunk Fritz Brown (Rooker) is a sometime L.A. private eye and repo man. He's hired by the aptly named Freddie “Fat Dog” Baker (Sasso) to check out Solly K (Gould), at whose manse Baker's kid sister Jane (Blair) is living. Solly's involved with ex-cop Cathrocky cart (James), with whom Fritz has a longstanding beef, and the P.I. uncovers various lowlifes and a scam. Based on James Ellroy's Chandleresque detailed and dialogue-heavy first novel, which was pubder lished in 1981. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Rooker, Brion James, Harold Gould, Selma Blair, Kevin Corrigan, Tobin Bell, Jack Conley, Brad Dourif, Will Sasso, Valerie Perrine, Barry Newman; D: Jason Freedland; W: Jason Freedland; C: Sead Muhtarevic; M: Cynthia Millar.

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Brown's Requiem

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