Brooke, Christopher N. L.

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BROOKE, Christopher N. L.

BROOKE, Christopher N. L. British, b. 1927. Genres: History. Career: Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 1949-56, 1977- (Lecturer in History, 1954-56). General Ed., Oxford (formerly Nelson's) Medieval Texts, 1959-87; Professor of Mediaeval History, University of Liverpool, 1956-67; Professor of History, Westfield College, University of London, 1967-77; Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Cambridge, 1977-94. Publications: (with W.J. Millor and H.E. Butler) The Letters of John of Salisbury, 2 vols., 1955-79; (with M. Postan) Carte Nativorum: A Peterborough Abbey Cartulary of the 14th Century, 1960; From Alfred to Henry III, 871- 1272, 1961; The Saxon and Norman Kings, 1963, rev. ed., 2001; Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 1964, rev. ed., 2000; (with A. Morey) Gilbert Foliot and His Letters, 1965; (with A. Morey) The Letters and Charters of Gilbert Foliot, 1969; The Structure of Medieval Society, 1971; (with D. Knowles and V.C.M. London) The Heads of Religious Houses, England and Wales, 940-1216, 1972, rev. ed., 2001; (with W. Swaan) The Monastic World, 1000-1300, 1974; (with G. Keir) London, 800-1216: The Shaping of a City, 1975; (with D. Whitelock and M. Brett) Councils and Synods, I, 871-1204, 1981; (with R.B. Brooke) Popular Religion in the Middle Ages, 1984; A History of Gonville and Caius College, 1985; (with D.N. Dumville) The Church and the Welsh Border in the Central Middle Ages, 1986; (with R. Highfield and W. Swaan) Oxford and Cambridge, 1988; The Medieval Idea of Marriage, 1989; (with M. Brett and M. Winterbottom) Hugh the Chanter: History of the Church of York, 1990; A History of the University of Cambridge, IV: 1870- 1990, 1993, (co-author) II: 1546-1750, 2004; Jane Austen: Illusion and Reality, 1999; (with S. Bendall and P. Collinson) A History of Emmanuel College Cambridge, 1999; Churches and Churchmen in Medieval Europe, 1999. Address: Gonville and Caius College, Trinity St, Cambridge CB2 1TA, England.

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Brooke, Christopher N. L.

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