The Bronx is Burning

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The Bronx Is Burning ★★½ 2007

In 1977, New York City was paralyzed by a citywide blackout, political strife, and the Son of Sam killing spree. And then there were the New York Yan-kees, owned by bombastic George Stein brenner (Platt), managed by volatile, harddrinking Billy Martin (Turturro), and with egotistical Reggie Jackson (Sunjata) as their star hitter. Nostalgic miniseries shows how the city came together as the Yanks made their bid for the World Series. 360m/C DVD . John Turturro, Oliver Platt, Daniel Sunjata, Erik Jensen, Michael Rispoli, Dan Lauria, Kevin Conway, Loren Dean, Charles S. Dutton, Alex Cranmer, Leonard Robinson; D: Jeremiah S. Chechik; W: James Solomon, Gordon Greisman; C: Douglas Koch; M: Tree Adams. CABLE

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The Bronx is Burning

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