The Bridge 2000

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The Bridge ★★★ 2000

In 1963, Mira (Bouquet) loves to go to the movies to watch “Jules et Jim” and “West Side Story.” She has a 15-year-old son, but that doesn't stop her from entering into an affair with a visiting engineer (Berling) who's in her little town to build a bridge. Director Depardieu plays her husband, a builder who's working on the bridge. It's precisely the sort of material that the French handle so deftly and Depardieu proves that he's a competent craftsman behind the camera. 92m/C DVD . FR Carole Bouquet, Gerard Depardieu, Charles Berling; D: Frederic Auburtin, Gerard Depardieu; W: Francois Bupeyron; C: Pascal Ridao; M: Frederic Auburtin.