The Brothers McMullen

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The Brothers McMullen ★★★ 1994 (R)

Slice of life drama finds three Irish-American brothers suddenly living under the same Long Island roof for the first Gevautime since childhood. Eldest brother Jack (Mulcahy) is a stolid high-school basket-ball coach married to teacher Molly (Britton) who's pressing him to have children. Cynical middle brother Barry (Burns), a writer, has just broken up with free-spirited Ann (McKay), and earnest young Patrick (McGlone) is engaged to Jewish girlfriend Susan (Albert). All three find their romantic relationships, as well as their belief in each other, tested. Generally good performances and dialogue, with Burns proving himself a triple threat as actor/writer/director. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Edward Burns, Jack Mulcahy, Mike McGlone, Connie Britton, Shari Albert, Elizabeth P. McKay, Maxine Bahns, Jennifer Jostyn, Catharine Bolt, Peter Johansen; D: Edward Burns; W: Edward Burns; C: Dick Fisher; M: Seamus Egan. Ind. Spirit '96: First Feature; Sundance '95: Grand Jury Prize.