Broderick, Damien

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BRODERICK, Damien. Australian, b. 1944. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy, Novellas/Short stories, Plays/Screenplays, Paranormal, Sciences, Young adult fiction. Publications: A Man Returned (short stories), 1965; Sorcerer's World, 1970; The Dreaming Dragons, 1980; The Judas Mandala, 1982; (with R. Barnes) Valencies, 1983; Transmitters, 1984; The Black Grail, 1986; Striped Holes, 1988; The Dark Between the Stars (short stories), 1991; The Lotto Effect (parapsychology), 1992; Time Zones (radio play), 1992; The Sea's Furthest End, 1993; The Architecture of Babel (discourse of literature and science), 1994; Reading By Starlight: Post Modern Science Fiction, 1995; Schrodinger's Dog (radio play), 1995; Theory and Its Discontents, 1997; The White Abacus, 1997; The Spike (pop. science), 1997; The Last Mortal Generation (pop. science), 1999; (with R. Barnes) Stuck in Fast Forward, 1999; (with R. Barnes) The Book of Revelation, 1999. EDITOR: The Zeitgeist Machine, 1977; Strange Attractors, 1985; Matilda at the Speed of Light, 1988; Not the Only Planet, 1998; (with D.G. Hartwell) Centaurus, 1999.