Brock, Peter de Beauvoir

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BROCK, Peter de Beauvoir

BROCK, Peter de Beauvoir. Canadian (born England), b. 1920. Genres: History. Career: University of Toronto, ON, lecturer, 1957-58, professor, 1966-85, professor emeritus of history, 1985-; University of Alberta, Edmonton, assistant professor of history, 1958-61; Columbia University, NYC, associate professor, 1961-65. Publications: The Political and Social Doctrines of the Unity of Czech Brethren in the 15th and Early 16th Centuries, 1957; Pacifism in the United States, 1968; Twentieth-Century Pacifism, 1970; Pacifism in Europe to 1914, 1972; Nationalism and Populism in Partitioned Poland, 1973; The Slovak National Awakening, 1976; Polish Revolutionary Populism, 1977; The Roots of War Resistance, 1981; The Mahatma and Mother India (essays), 1983; The Quaker Peace Testimony, 1660 to 1914, 1990; Freedom from Violence, 1991; Freedom from War, 1991; Studies in Peace History, 1991; Folk Cultures and Little Peoples, 1992; Bart de Ligt (1883-1938), 1994; Mahatma Gandhi as a Linguistic Nationalist, 1995; Varieties of Pacifism, 1998; Soviet Conscientious Objectors, 1917-1939, 1999; (with N. Young) Pacifism in the Twentieth Century, 1999; The Riddle of St. Maximilian of Tebessa, 2000; The Black Flower, 2001. EDITOR: (with H.G. Skilling) The Czech Renascence of the Nineteenth Century, 1970; Records of Conscience, 1993; Testimonies of Conscience Sent from the Soviet Union to the War Resisters' International 1923-1929, 1997; (with T.P. Socknat) Challenge to Mars: Essays on Pacifism from 1918 to 1945, 1999; Pacifism since 1914, 2000; (with J.L.H. Keep) Life in a Penal Battalion of the Imperial Russian Army, 2001; Liberty and Conscience, 2002; Life in an Austro-Hungarian Military Prison, 2002. Address: Dept. of History, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 3G3.