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BRADMAN, Tony. British, b. 1954. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Parents magazine, UK edition, deputy editor, 1979-87; writer. Has worked as a reviewer of specialist children's books, magazines, and national press; founded Best Books for Babies, a children's book award, and has served as a judge for other awards; regularly visits schools to read from his own works. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: A Kiss on the Nose (poetry), 1984; The Bad Babies' Counting Book, 1985; John Lennon, 1985; One Nil, 1985; Let's Pretend, 1985; The Bad Babies' Book of Colors, 1986; See You Later, Alligator, 1986; At the Park, 1986; Hide and Seek, 1986; Play Time, 1986; Through My Window, 1986; The Lonely Little Mole (based on a story by Paule Alen), 1986; Night-Time, 1986; Will You Read Me a Story?, 1986; Baby's Best Book, 1987; The Baby's Bumper Book, 1987; The Bad Babies' Book of Months, 1987; Smile, Please!, 1987; I Need a Book!, 1987; The Little Cakemaker and the Greedy Magician (based on a story by Alen), 1987; Look Out, He's Behind You!, 1988; Wait and See, 1988; Not Like That, Like This!, 1988; Bedtime, 1988; The Cuddle, 1988; Our Cat, 1988; All Together Now! (poetry), 1989; Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?, 1989; Bub, 1989; Gary and the Magic Cat, 1989, published as The Magic Cat, 1992; Tracey's Wish, 1989; The Sandal: A Story, 1989; This Little Baby, 1990; Michael, 1990; Let's Go, Ben, 1990; Gerbil Crazy, 1990; Miranda the Magnificent, 1990; In a Minute, 1990; Five Minutes More!, 1991; Morning, 1991; That's Not a Fish!, 1991; Tommy Niner and the Planet of Danger, 1991; Billy and the Baby, 1992; It Came from Outer Space, 1992; Has Anyone Seen Jack?, 1992; Frankie Makes a Friend, 1992; My Family, 1992; My Little Baby Brother, 1992; That's Not My Cat!, 1992; Wally's New Face, 1992; Winnie's New Broom, 1992; A Bad Week for the Three Bears, 1993; The Invaders, 1993; Tommy Niner and the Mystery Spaceship, 1994; Night Night, Ben!, 1994; Two Minute Puppy Tales, 1994. RETELLER: The Ugly Duckling, 1990; The Gingerbread Man, 1991; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 1991; The Little Red Hen, 1991. DILLY THE DINOSAUR SERIES: Dilly the Dinosaur, 1985; Dilly Visits the Dentist (in US as Dilly Goes to the Dentist), 1986; Dilly Tells the Truth, 1986; Dilly and the Horror Film (in US as Dilly and the Horror Movie), 1987; Dilly's Muddy Day, 1987; Dilly and the Tiger, 1988; Dilly, 1988; Dilly and the Ghost, 1989; Dilly Dinosaur, Superstar, 1989; Dilly Speaks Up, 1990; Dilly Goes on Holiday, 1990; Dilly the Angel, 1990; Dilly and His Swamp Lizard, 1991; Dilly and the Big Kids, 1991; Dilly's Birthday Party, 1991; Dilly Goes to School, 1992; Dilly and the Pirates, 1993; Dilly-The Worst Day Ever, 1993; Dilly Goes Swamp Wallowing, 1994; Dilly, Dinosaur Detective, 1994. DAISY TALES: Daisy and the Babysitter, 1986; Daisy and the Crying Baby, 1986; Daisy and the Washing Machine, 1986; Daisy Goes Swimming, 1986; Daisy Feels Ill, 1988; Daisy Goes to Playgroup, 1988. THE BLUEBEARDS SERIES: Adventure on Skull Island, 1988; Mystery at Musket Bay, 1989; Contest at Cutlass Cove, 1990; Search for the Saucy Sally, 1990; Peril at the Pirate School, 1990; Revenge at Ryan's Reef, 1991. SAM, THE GIRL DETECTIVE SERIES: Sam, the Girl Detective, 1989; The Cash Box Caper, 1990; The Case of the Missing Mummy, 1990; The Secret of the Seventh Candle, 1992; The Great Rock 'n' Roll Ransom, 1994. SELECTOR: The Magic Kiss, 1987; Animals Like Us, 1987; The Mad Family, 1987; The Best of Friends, 1988; What a Wonderful Day, 1988; Things That Go, 1989; You're Late, Dad, 1989; That Spells Magic, 1989; The Parents' Book of Bedtime Stories, 1990; Love Them, Hate Them, 1991; Our Side of the Playground, 1991; Hissing Steam and Whistles Blowing, 1991; Good Sports!, 1992; A Stack of Story Poems, 1992; Amazing Adventure Stories, 1994; Fantastic Space Stories, 1994. OTHER: The Essential Father, 1985; So You Want to Have a Baby?, 1985; Reading for Enjoyment, 0-6, 6th ed, 1989. Contributor of reviews to periodicals. ADAPTATIONS: Many of the Dilly books are available on cassette. Address: 175 Mackenzie Rd., Beckenham, Kent B43 4SE, England.

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