Blowin' Smoke

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Blowin' Smoke ★★ Freak Talks About Sex 1999 (R)

Goofball stoner Freak (Zahn) lives his life (in his parents' basement) as the ultimate slacker. His best bud (besides the pot) is the equally unambitious Dave (Hamilton), who does at least have a job. Dave also has an ex-girlfriend who wants to see him again, a sweet high schooler who has a crush on him, and a family who wishes he would do something with his life. Well, at least Dave has Freak to turn to in times of stress. Based on the novel by co-writer Galvin. 88m/C VHS, DVD . Steve Zahn, Josh Hamilton, Heather McComb, Ar-abella Field, David Kinney; D: Paul Todisco; W: Paul Todisco, Michael M.B. Galvin, Peter Speak-man; C: Douglas W. Shannon; M: Pete Snell.