Blow Dry

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Blow Dry ★★ 2000 (R)

Comedic possibilities and family healing ensue when the National British Hairdressing Championships come to a sleepy English town. An odd assortment of Brits and Yanks populate this familiar tale, and even dependable Rickman can't save the film, whose destination is obvious from even the newspaper ads—take “The Full Mon- ty,” replace strippers with hairdressers and, voila: “Blow Dry.” Written by Simon Beaufoy, author of (you guessed it) “The Full Monty.” Director Breathnach fared better with his previous film, the Irish comedy “I Went Down.” 91m/C VHS, DVD . GB US Alan Rickman, Natasha Richardson, Rachel Grif-fiths, Rachael Leigh Cook, Josh Hartnett, Bill Ni-ghy, Warren Clarke, Rosemary Harris, Hugh Bonneville, Peter McDonald, Heidi Klum, Michael McElhatton; D: Paddy Breathnach; W: Simon Be-aufoy; C: Cian de Buitlear; M: Patrick Doyle.