Blood Relic

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Blood Relic ★½ 2005 (R)

Pilot Hank Campbell (Christian) is possessed by a mysterious talisman, commits mass murder on a naval base, and winds up in the loony bin for 22 years. Upon his release, he heads back to the scene of the crime and discovers history buff Harry (Drago) is turning the base into a museum with the help of a bunch of handy young people (handy for slaughtering that is). Anyway, mayhem is likely since Campbell is determined to find his talisman again. 86m/C DVD . John Christian, Billy Drago, Jennifer Grant, Debbie Rochon, Joshua Park, Kelly Ray; D: J. Christian Ingvordsen; W: J. Christian Ingvord-sen, Matt Howe; C: Matt Howe; M: Timo Elliston. VIDEO