The Black Cat 1981

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The Black Cat woof! Il Gatto Nero 1981

Spaghetti splatter-meister Fulci, best known for his unabashed ripoffs “Zombie” and “Gates of Hell,” tones down the gore this time in a vaguely Poe-ish tale of a medium with some marbles loose (Magee) whose kitty provides the temporary habitat for spirits its master calls up. The dreary English village setting and the downright myopic camera work add up to an oppressive viewing experience. 92m/C VHS, DVD . IT GB Patrick Magee, Mimsy Farmer, David Warbeck, Al Cliver, Dagmar Lassander, Geoffrey Copleston, Daniela Dorio; D: Lucio Fulci; W: Lucio Fulci, Biagio Proietti; C: Sergio Salvati; M: Pino Donaggio.