Billington, Rachel

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BILLINGTON, Rachel. British, b. 1942. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction. Publications: All Things Nice, 1969; The Big Dipper, 1970; Lilacs out of the Dead Land, 1971; Cock Robin, 1973; Beautiful, 1974; A Painted Devil, 1975; A Woman's Age, 1979; Occasion of Sin, 1982;The Garish Day, 1985; Loving Attitudes, 1988; Theo and Matilda, 1990; The Family Year (nonfiction), 1992; Bodily Harm, 1992; The Great Umbilical (non-fiction), 1994; Magic and Fate, 1996; Perfect Happiness (sequel to Emma), 1996; The Life of Jesus, 1996; Tiger Sky, 1998; The Life of St. Francis, 1999; A Woman's Life, 2002. FOR CHILDREN: Rosanna and the Wizard-Robot, 1981; The First Christmas, 1983; Star-Time, 1984; The First Easter, 1987; The First Miracles, 1990; Far Out!, 2002. Address: c/o David Higham Associates Ltd., 5-8 Lower John St, Golden Sq, London W1R 4HA, England.