Beyond Suspicion

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Beyond Suspicion ★½ Auggie Rose 2000

John C. Nolan Jr. (Goldblum) is an insurance bigshot, who stops by the neighborhood liquor store and gets caught up in an armed robbery. The store clerk, Auggie Rose (Coates), gets killed and Nolan feels responsible. He learns Auggie is fresh out of prison and is expecting to meet his prison pen pal, Lucy (Heche). John meets Lucy instead and doesn't correct her assumption that he's Auggie. In fact, John decides to just give up his old life and take up with Lucy. Film's got an intriguing premise that never develops. 108m/C VHS, DVD . Jeff Goldblum, Anne Heche, Timothy Olyphant, Nancy Travis, Richard T. Jones, Kim Coates, Joe Santos, Jack Kehler, Nicholas Chinlund; D: Matthew Tabak; W: Matthew Tabak; C: Adam Kimmel; M: Don Harper, Mark Mancina. VIDEO