Behind Enemy Lines 2001

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Behind Enemy Lines ★★ 2001 (PG-13)

Balkan civil war is mere scenery, and soldiers only caricatures, in this cartoonish catandmouse chase movie. Ace Navy navigator Lt. Burnett (Wilson), tired of flying peace missions, yearns for some real action. When a routine reconnaissance operation goes awry—his plane shot down over Serbian territory and his pilot ruthlessly executed—Burnett gets his wish. Crusty Admiral Reigart (Hackman) wants to rescue his flyboy, but a pesky international peace agreement gets in the way. Firsttime director Moore, best known for Sega promos, takes a video game approach to war. Utterly unconvincing suspense, but action sequences do their duty. Despite a clear connection to the ordeal of reallife Air Force captain Scott O'Grady, this is no true story. 106m/C VHS, DVD . US Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman, Joaquim de Almeida, David Keith, Gabriel Macht, Charles Malik Whitfield, Olek Krupa, Vladimir Mashkov, Marko Ogonda; D: John Moore; W: David Veloz, Zak Penn; C: Brendan Galvin; M: Don Davis.