Barney's Great Adventure

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Barney's Great Adventure ★★ 1998 (G)

First the bad news: that big purple dweebosaur made a movie and your threeyearold is going to make you buy the video. Now the good news: since it's on video you can cue it up for the younguns and run screaming from the room. You see, they don't care what you think about Barney, who looks a little like a big lug in a purple felt suit, actually. In this extravaganza of not so special effects, Barney and two little girls chase a magical egg around town and encounter a parade, a circus and other allegedly wonderful things, all while trying to convince the older Kyle that Barney is “cool.” In a surprise move, the egg hatches to reveal….that new stuffed animal you're going to have to buy! 75m/C VHS, DVD . George Hearn, Shirley Douglas, Kyla Pratt, Trevor Morgan, Diana Rice, Renee Madeleine Le Guerrier; D: Steve Gomer; W: Stephen White; C: Sandi Sissel; V: Bob West, Julie Johnson.

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Barney's Great Adventure

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