Bannock, Graham

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BANNOCK, Graham. British, b. 1932. Genres: Business/Trade/Industry, Economics. Career: Market Research Manager, Rover Co., Solihull, 1958-60 and 1962-67; Sr. Administration, Economics Division, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, 1960-62; Manager, Advanced Planning, Ford of Europe Inc., Dunton, 1967-69; Director, Research Committee of Inquiry on Small Firms, Dept. of Trade, London, 1969-71; Managing Director, Economists Advisory Group Ltd., London, 1971-81, and Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd., 1981-84. Publications: (with A.J. Merrett) Business Economics and Statistics, 1962; The Juggernauts: The Age of the Giant Corporation, 1971, 1973; (with R.E. Baxter and R. Rees) Dictionary of Economics, 1972, 5th ed., 1998; How to Survive the Slump, 1975; The Smaller Business in Britain and Germany, 1976; The Economics of Small Firms, 1981; (with A. Doran) Going Public, 1987; (with A. Peacock) Governments and Small Business, 1989; (with W.A.P. Manser) A Dictionary of International Finance, 1989; Taxation in the European Community, 1990; (with H. Albach) Small Business Policy in Europe, 1991; (with M. Daly) Small Business Statistics, 1994; International Dictionary of Finance, 1999. Address: Bannock Consulting, 47 Marylebone Ln, London WIU 2LD, England.