The Bank Job

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The Bank Job ★★★ 2008 (R)

Terry (Statham) thinks his exlover Mar tine (Burrows) has recruited him to assem ble a crew including his number two guy, porn king Kevin (Campbell Moore), for a straightforward cash heist. They end up involved in one of the greatest bank rob beries in British history: the 1971 tunneled break in at the Baker Street branch of Lloyd's. The reallife investigation pro duced no arrests and recovered no loot, thus allowing writers Clement and La Fre nais to construct an elaborate albeit fic tionalized account that ties the crime to a conspiracy to retrieve sexuallycomprom ising photos of a British royal from the safe deposit box of a black power operative (De Jersey). A nearperfect period heist caper film that extracts terrific effect from the fashion and technology of the 70's. Particularly humorous are the giant walk ietalkies alleged to have played a role in the crime. 111m/C DVD . GB US Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Daniel Mays, David Suchet, Rich ard Lintern, James Faulkner; D: Roger Donaldson; W: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais; C: Michael Coul ter; M: J. Peter Robinson.