The Ballad of Jack and Rose

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The Ballad of Jack and Rose ★★★ 2005 (R)

Absorbing story about an idealistic father and daughter living on their own like the last two hippies on earth in an abandoned commune. Rose (Belle) loves her father, Jack (Day-Lewis). A lot. Actually, she's probably in love with him. This is a touchy subject (not literally, don't worry) for Jack. Jack knows his daughter is too attached, is going to lose him one day, and may not make it on her own. After venturing into the real world for six months Jack begins dating a woman, mother to two boys, and asks her and the boys to move into the commune. Rose reacts with jealousy, trying to anger her father by seducing the sons. Writer/director Rebecca Miller, daughter of playwright Arthur Miller, sidesteps any cliches but piles on a few too many tricks at the end. 138m/C DVD . US Daniel Day-Lewis, Catherine Keener, Camilla Belle, Beau Bridges, Jason Lee, Jena Malone, Paul Franklin Dano, Susanna Thompson, Ryan McDonald; D: Rebecca Miller; W: Rebecca Miller; C: Ellen Kuras; M: Michael Rohatyn. L.A. Film Critics '05: Actress (Keener).