The Baker's Wife

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The Baker's Wife ★★★½ LaFemme du Boulanger 1933

There's a new baker in town, and he brings with him to the small French village an array of tantalizing breads, as well as a discontented wife. When she runs off with a shepherd, her loyal and naive husband refuses to acknowledge her infidelity; however, in his loneliness, the baker can't bake, so the townspeople scheme to bring his wife back. Panned as overly cute Marcel Pagnol peasant glorification, and hailed as a visual poem full of wit; you decide. In French with subtitles. Also available for French students without subtitles; a French script booklet is also available. 101m/B VHS . FR Raimu, Ginette LeClerc, Charles Moulton, Charpin, Robert Vattier; D: Marcel Pagnol; W: Marcel Pagnol; C: Georges Benoit; M: Vincent Scotto. N.Y. Film Critics '40: Foreign Film.