Bad Boy Bubby

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Bad Boy Bubby ★★ 1993

Bizarre black comedy about the extremely maladjusted Bubby (Hope), who becomes a pop culture phenomena. The 35-year-old childlike Bubby has been kept a virtual prisoner by his monstrous mom, who has told him the world outside is filled with poisonous gas. Wondering how his cat survived, Bubby wraps it in plastic wrap and is puzzled when it dies. Still, this gives Bubby an idea—he wraps mom in plastic and escapes outside, where he's soon adopted by a struggling rock band that writes a cult song hit about his experiences. It's even stranger than it sounds. 114m/C VHS, DVD . IT AU Nicholas Hope, Claire Benito, Carmel Johnson, Ralph Cotterill, Norman Kaye, Paul Philpot, Graham Duckett, Bridget Walters; D: Rolf de Heer; W: Rolf de Heer; M: Graham Tardif. Australian Film Inst. '94: Actor (Hope), Director (de Heer), Film Editing, Orig. Screenplay.