Awakenings of the Beast

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Awakenings of the Beast ★ Ritual Dos Sadicos; Ritual of the Maniacs 1968

Documents the protracted sufferings of an LSD drug user who is beset with hallucinatory visions and is prone to fits of frenzied violence. Director Jose Mojica Marins (AKA Coffin Joe) steps out of his Ze do Ciaxia character in this disjointed mix of drugs and sex intercut with Mojica Marins himself on trial for his offensive movies, followed by a case study on drugs and sexual behavior. By the end of the movie, there is a point—that drugs aren't the cause of evil behavior—but it's very painful getting there. In Portugese with English subtitles. 93m/B VHS, DVD . BR Jose Mojica Marins, Sergio Hinst, Andrea Bryan, Mario Lima; D: Jose Mojica Marins; W: Jose Mojica Marins, Rubens Francisco Lucchetti; C: Giorgio Attili.