Avery, Gillian (Elise)

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AVERY, Gillian (Elise)

AVERY, Gillian (Elise). British, b. 1926. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Literary criticism and history. Career: Jr. Reporter, Surrey Mirror, Redhill, Surrey, 1944-47; Staff Member, Chambers Encyclopedia, London, 1947-50; Assistant Illustrations Ed., Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1950-54. Publications: The Warden's Niece, 1957; Trespassers at Charlcote, 1958; James without Thomas, 1959; The Elephant War, 1960; To Tame a Sister, 1961; The Greatest Gresham, 1962; The Peacock House, 1963; The Italian Spring, 1964; Mrs. Ewing, 1964; (with A. Bull) 19th Century Children: Heroes and Heroines in English Children's Stories 1780-1900, 1965; Call of the Valley, 1966; Victorian People in Life and Literature, 1970; A Likely Lad, 1971; Ellen's Birthday, 1971; Jemima and the Welsh Rabbit, 1972; The Echoing Green Memories of Victorian and Regency Youth, 1974; Ellen and the Queen, 1974; Book of Strange and Odd, 1975; Childhood's Pattern: A Study of the Heroes and Heroines of Children's Fiction 1770-1950, 1975; Freddie's Feet, 1976; Huck and Her Time Machine, 1977; Mouldy's Orphan, 1978; Sixpence, 1979; The Lost Railway, 1980; Onlookers, 1983; The Best Type of Girl: A History of Girls' Independent School, 1991; Behold the Child: American Children and Their Books, 1621-1922, 1994; The Everyman Anthology of Poetry for Children, 1994; Russian Fairy Tales, 1995; Cheltenham Ladies: A History of Cheltenham Ladies's College, 2003. EDITOR: J.H. Ewing, A Flat Iron for Farthing, 1959; J.H. Ewing, Jan of the Windmill, 1960; The Sapphire Treasury of Stories for Boys and Girls, 1960; In the Window Seat, 1960; A. Keary, Father Phim, 1962; Unforgettable Journeys, 1965; School Remembered, 1967; J.H. Ewing, A Great Emergency, and a Very Ill-Tempered Family, 1967; A. Lang, The Gold of Fairnilee and Other Stories, 1967; C. Yonge, Village Children, 1967; M. Roberts, Banning and Blessing, 1967; The Hole in the Wall and Other Stories, 1968; Brenda, Mrs. Gatty and F.H. Burnett, Victoria Bess and Others, 1968; G.E. Farrow, The Wallypug of Why, 1968; Brenda, Froggy's Little Brother, 1968; M.L. Molesworth, My New Home, 1968; anonymous, The Life and Adventures of Lady Anne, 1969; M. Roberts, Stephanie's Children, 1969; E.V. Lucas, Anne's Terrible Good Nature and Other Stories for Children, 1970; A. Keary, The Rival Kings, 1970; (with others) Authors' Choice 1, 1971; Red Letter Days, 1971; (with J. Briggs) Children & Their Books, 1989; (with K. Reynolds) Representations of Childhood Death, 1999. Address: 32 Charlbury Rd, Oxford OX2 6UU, England.