Autumn Sun

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Autumn Sun ★★★ Solo de Otono 1998

This is a love story for appreciative adults. Clara (Aleandro) is a middleaged Buenos Aires accountant whose personal ad for a Jewish gentleman caller is answered by older widower (and non-Jew) Raul Ferraro (Luppi). Still, they're attracted to each other, and since Clara needs a man to pose as her admirer for a visit from her long-absent brother, Raul agrees to the ruse and undergoes a crash course in Jewish customs. This isn't actually played for laughs but as a reflection on expanding one's horizons and taking chances. Spanish with subtitles. 103m/C VHS, DVD . AR Norma Aleandro, Federico Luppi, Jorge Luz, Cecilia Rossetto; D: Eduardo Mignogna; W: Eduardo Mignogna, Santiago Carlos Oves; C: Marcelo Camorino; M: Edgardo Rudnitzky.