Another Lonely Hitman

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Another Lonely Hitman ★★ Shin Kanashiki Hittoman 1995

Character study rather than a typical gangster flick. Old-school yakuza and former junkie Tachibana (Ishibashi) finds his ways badly out-of-date after he's released from a 10-year prison stretch. He tries to do the right thing by helping young druggie/hooker Yuki (Sawada) clean up (and the withdrawal scenes aren't pretty) and teach the younger hoods some manners. Based on the book by Yamanouchi, who did the screenplay; Japanese with subtitles. 105m/C DVD . JP Ryo Ishibashi, Asami Sawada, Kazuhiko Kanayama, Tatsuo Yamada; D: Rokuro Mochizuki; W: Yukio Yamanouchi; C: Naoki Imaizumi; M: Kazutoki Umezu.