Angel Eyes

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Angel Eyes ★★½ 2001 (R)

Although the film's marketing campaign implied some supernatural elements, there's nothing unworldly about this romantic drama. And despite some capable performances by the leads, the film is utterly predictable as well. Tough Chicago police officer Sharon Pogue (Lopez) is still dealing with the effects of an abusive childhood when she meets another lost soul, Catch (Caviezel), who's grappling with the death of his wife and child. He saves her life, they fall for each other, but things are hardly that simple. They both have emotional issues and a past connection that's all too easy to determine. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Jennifer Lopez, James (Jim) Caviezel, Sonia Braga, Terrence Howard, Jeremy Sisto, Monet Mazur, Victor Argo, Shirley Knight, Jeremy Ratchford, Peter MacNeill, Stephen Kay; D: Luis Mandoki; W: Gerald Di Pego; C: Piotr Sobocinski; M: Marco Beltrami.