Angel and the Badman

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Angel and the Badman ★★★ 1947

When notorious gunslinger Wayne is wounded during a shoot-out, a pacifist family takes him in and nurses him back to health. While he's recuperating, the daughter in the family (Russell) falls for him. She begs him not to return to his previous life. But Wayne, though smitten, thinks that a Duke's gotta do what a Duke's gotta do. And that means finding the dirty outlaw (Cabot) who killed his pa. Predictable but nicely done, with a good cast and script. Wayne provides one of his better performances (and also produced). 100m/B VHS, DVD . John Wayne, Gail Russell, Irene Rich, Harry Carey Sr., Bruce Cabot; D: James Edward Grant; W: James Edward Grant; C: Archie Stout; M: Richard Hageman.