Analyze This

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Analyze This ★★★ 1998 (R)

Robert De Niro stars as anxiety-stricken mob boss Paul Vitti. He begins to see suburban shrink Ben (Crystal), and is so pleased with the results that he strongarms the doc into seeing him whenever he wants. Unfortunately for Ben and fiance Laura (Kudrow), that usually happens to be when they're trying to get married. Palminteri is a rival gangster with whom Vitti “seeks closure.” De Niro expertly winks at the mob genre (which he helped create) without losing the air of menace that surrounds the good fella character. His performance carries the movie despite the somewhat hokey ending. It's De Niro's underworld, Billy's just living in it. 110m/C VHS, DVD . Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Chazz Palminteri, Joe (Johnny) Viterelli, Bill Macy, Leo Rossi, Rebecca Schull, Molly Shannon, Max Casella, Pat Cooper, Richard C. Castellano, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Elizabeth Bracco, Tony Darrow, Kyle Sabihy, Donnamarie Recco; D: Harold Ramis; W: Harold Ramis, Peter Tolan, Kenneth Lonergan; C: Stuart Dryburgh; M: Howard Shore.