After the Rain

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After the Rain ★★ 1999 (R)

Hard-hitting apartheid story that unfortunately descends into melodrama. In 1970s South Africa, Steph (Bettany) is a conflicted soldier in love with dancer Emma (Lombard). After his brigade is posted, lonely Emma befriends a black co-worker, Joseph (Bakare). Upon learning that he is living on the streets, Emma invites Joseph to stay with her. Of course that just happens to be when Steph, who's deserted, returns and assumes the worst. Writer/director Kettle adapted the film from his play “Soweto's Burning.” 110m/C DVD . SA Paul Bettany, Louise Lombard, Ariyon Bakare; D: Ross Kettle; W: Ross Kettle; C: Koos Roets; M: Hummie Mann.