Action Jackson

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Action Jackson ★★ 1988 (R)

Power-hungry auto tycoon Nelson tries to frame rebellious black police sergeant Weathers for murder. Being a graduate of Harvard and a tough guy, the cop doesn't go for it. Nelson eats up the screen as the heavy with no redeeming qualities, while Weathers is tongue-in-cheek as the resourceful good guy who keeps running afoul of the law in spite of his best efforts. Lots of action, violence, and a few sexy women help cover the plot's lack of common sense. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Carl Weathers, Vanity, Craig T. Nelson, Sharon Stone, Thomas F. Wilson, Mary Ellen Trainor; D: Craig R. Baxley; W: Robert Reneau; C: Matthew F. Leonetti; M: Herbie Hancock, Michael Kamen.