The 400 Blows

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The 400 Blows ★★★★ Les Quartre Cents Coups 1959

The classic, ground-breaking semi-autobiography that initiated Truffaut's career and catapulted him to international acclaim, about the trials and rebellions of 12-year-old French schoolboy, Antoine Doinel (Leaud). One of the greatest and most influential of films, and the first of Truffaut's career-long Doinel series. French with subtitles. 97m/B VHS, DVD . FR Francois Truffaut, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Claire Maurier, Albert Remy, Guy Decomble, Georges Flament, Patrick Auffay, Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jacques Demy, Robert Beauvais; D: Francois Truffaut; W: Francois Truffaut, Marcel Moussey; C: Henri Decae; M: Jean Constantin. Cannes ‘59: Director (Truffaut); N.Y. Film Critics ‘59: Foreign Film.

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The 400 Blows

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