The 4 Musketeers

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The 4 Musketeers ★½'Artagnan et les Trois Mousquietaires; D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers 2005 (R)

Yet another (remarkably dull and silly) version of the Dumas swashbuckler, only this time the evil Milady de Winter (Beart) has made a pact with the devil for some supernatural powers. The musketeers still use their swords a lot and battle the corrupt Cardinal Richelieu (Karyo) as well. Made for French TV; dubbed into English. 190m/ C DVD . FR Emmanuelle Beart, Tcheky Karyo, Vincent Elbaz, Gregori Derangere, Heino Ferch, Stefania Rocca, Tristan Ulloa, Gregory Gadebois, Diana Amft; D: Pierre Aknine; W: Pierre Aknine; C: Allen Smith; M: Matt Dunkley. TV

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The 4 Musketeers

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