36 Hours

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36 Hours ★★★ 1964

Maj. Pike (Garner) is a highranking WWII Army officer with knowledge of top secret invasion plans who wakes up in an Army hospital with amnesia, a wife (Saint) he didn't know he had, and a shrink telling him that the war's been over for some time. But Pike's not sure what's real and what isn't, especially when the doc asks him to explain, in great detail, what happened just before he lost his memory. Are they telling the truth, or is this an elaborate hoax? Tight, suspenseful plot, and fine performances all around make this an enjoyable thriller even after that question is answered. Remade for TV in 1989 with Corbin Bernsen in the Garner role. 115m/B VHS, DVD . James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor, Werner Peters, John Banner, Russ Thorson, Alan Napier, Oscar Beregi, Edmund Gilbert, Sig Rumann, Celia Lovsky, Karl Held, Marjorie Bennett, Martin Kosleck, Henry Rowland, Hilda Plowright, Joseph Mell, Rudolph Anders, James Doohan; D: George Seaton; W: George Seaton, Roald Dahl, Carl K. Hittleman; C: Philip Lathrop; M: Dimitri Tiomkin.