Theodoropoulou, Avra (1880–1963)

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Theodoropoulou, Avra (1880–1963)

Greek musician, reformer, and critic. Born in 1880; died in 1963; married Agis Theros (a poet).

Founded School for Working Women (1911); founded Soldier's Sister (1918); founded and was president of Greek League for Women's Rights (1920–57).

Avra Theodoropoulou was a pianist and social reformer. Espousing the cause of women's rights, she founded the Greek League for Women's Rights in 1920 and for the next 37 years ran the league and served as its president, attending conferences on women and earning support and respect for the women's cause and other issues. Theodoropoulou was admired for her expertise and intelligence. Warm and compassionate, she helped to further other social and charitable institutions as well, founding the School for Working Women in 1911 and Soldier's Sister in 1918. In conjunction with her work at the League of Women's Rights, she also founded a number of orphanages and the Papastrateio School of Crafts for girls. For 52 years, Theodoropoulou supported herself by playing and teaching the piano. She was also a writer and a critic. Her husband Agis Theros was a well-known poet and a public figure in his own right. Avra Theodoropoulou died in 1963.

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Theodoropoulou, Avra (1880–1963)

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