Petty, Mary (1899–1976)

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Petty, Mary (1899–1976)

American illustrator . Born in Hampton, New Jersey, in 1899; died in Paramus, New Jersey, in 1976; married Alan Dunn (a cartoonist), in 1927.

Self-taught and encouraged by her husband, cartoonist Alan Dunn, Mary Petty was employed by The New Yorker from 1927 to 1966, during which she created 38 cover illustrations, the last appearing on Mother's Day 1966. Much of her work was satirical in nature, often at the expense of wealthy dowagers. Petty's artwork was exhibited at the Cincinnati Art Museum in 1940 and at Syracuse University in 1979, three years after her death.

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Petty, Mary (1899–1976)

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