Peuerl (Peurl, Bäwerl, Bäurl, Beurlin),Paul

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Peuerl (Peurl, Bäwerl, Bäurl, Beurlin),Paul

Peuerl (Peurl, Bäwerl, Bäurl, Beurlin),Paul, German organist, organ builder, and composer; b. probably in Stuttgart (baptized), June 13,1570; d. after 1625. He was an organist at Horn, Lower Austria (from 1602), and of the Protestant church school in Steyer (1609–25). He is generally acknowledged to be the originator of the German variation-suite. Following the example of the lutenists, he expanded the earlier combination of pavane and galliard into a new 4-movement suite form for strings. He was also an organ builder. He ed. the following (all publ, in Nuremberg): Newe Pad-ouan, Intrada, Däntz und Galharda (1611), Weltspiegel das ist: Neue teutsche Gesänger (1613), Ettliche lustige Radovanen, Intraden, Galliarden, Couranten und Däntz sampt zweyen Canzon zu 4 Stimmen (1620), and Gantz neue Padouanen, Aufzüg, Balletten, Couranten, Intraden und Däntz (1625). Selections from his works, ed. by K. Geiringer, appear in Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich, LXX, Jg. XXXVI/2 (1929).


P. Frankl, P. P., ein österreichischer Vokal- und Instrumentalkomponist um 1600 (diss., Univ. of Vienna, 1915).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire