Nicarete of Megara (fl. 300 BCE)

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Nicarete of Megara (fl. 300 bce)

Greek philosopher. Flourished in 300 bce; studied with Stilpo.

Nicarete of Megara is known to have studied with the philosopher Stilpo, in Megara, Greece. Among Stilpo's other students was Zeno, who founded the movement of Stoicism in philosophy. Stilpo was allayed with the Cynics, who wished to do away with the desires of normal society by living a simple and scholarly life. Nicarete sided more with Socrates who was actively involved in his society, while following an independent philosophical credo. Though she may have been a hetaerae (courtesan) and Stilpo's mistress, there are indications that Nicarete was a noble. As well, Stilpo's reputation for temperate behavior would have suffered if she had been his mistress.

Catherine Hundleby , M.A. Philosophy, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada