Niccolini, Antonio

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Niccolini, Antonio (1772–1850). Italian Neo-Classical architect and stage-designer. Much influenced by French work, he designed the stupendous façade for the Teatro San Carlo, Naples (1810–12), with a robust, rusticated, arched lower storey and an Ionic colonnade on the upper floor beneath a huge entablature. Six years later, after a fire, he built a new theatre behind the façade. He also built the Teatro Piccini and the Church of San Ferdinando at Bari, and for the Bourbon Royal Family he built the Villa Floridiana (1817–19)— with gardens laid out in the Picturesque ‘English’ style) and the vast stair (1836) to the palace from the Via di Capodimonte, much embellished with Neo-Classical and Egyptianizing architectural motifs.


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