Millar, Gertie (1879–1952)

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Millar, Gertie (1879–1952)

British actress. Born in 1879 in England, probably in or near Manchester; died in 1952; married Lionel Monckton (a theatrical composer), in 1902 (died); married William Humble Ward (1867–1932), 2nd earl of Dudley, in 1924.

Gertie Millar was born in 1879, and made her first stage appearance in a Manchester, England, pantomime in 1893. She subsequently moved to London to play in musical comedies, including The Toreador (1901), Our Miss Gibbs (1909), The Quaker Girl (1910), and A Country Girl (1914). Millar had married Lionel Monckton, who composed accompaniment for musical theater, in 1902, and became known as London's premier "Gaiety Girl" by the mid-1920s. Following Monckton's death, Millar married William Humble Ward, the 2nd earl of Dudley, in 1924. She died in 1952.

Grant Eldridge , freelance writer, Pontiac, Michigan

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