Mill of the Stone Women

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Mill of the Stone Women ★★½ Il Mulino delle Donne di Pietra; Horror of the Stone Women; The Horrible Mill Women; Drops of Blood 1960

Sculpturestu dying art student encounters strange car ousel with beautiful babes rather than hor sies, and soon finds out that the statues contain shocking secrets. Filmed in Hol land, it's offbeat and creepy. 94m/C VHS, DVD . FR IT Pierre Brice, Scilla Gabel, Dany Carrel, Wolfgang Preiss, Herbert Boenne, Liana Orfei, Marco Guglielmi, Olga Solbelli; D: Giorgio Ferroni; W: Giorgio Ferroni, Giorgio Stegani, Remigio del Grosso, Ugo Liberatore; C: Pier Ludovico Pavoni; M: Carlo Innocenzi.