Martel, Adeloga (fl. 775)

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Martel, Adeloga (fl. 775)

Frankish abbess and founder of religious communities for women . Flourished around 775 in France; daughter of Charles Martel (c. 690–741), mayor of Austrasia and Neustria (r. 714–741), and possibly Sunnichild (d. 741); granddaughter of Alphaida (c. 654–c. 714); never married; no children.

Adeloga Martel was a Frankish princess, the daughter of the famous ruler Charles Martel, who reunited the Franks after the end of the Roman empire, and possibly Sunnichild . Adeloga showed an inclination towards holy work even as a girl, and was allowed to enter a convent rather than be used as a marriage pawn in a political alliance. She was soon elected abbess, and throughout her life was renowned for her learning and deep devotion to serving God through charitable works. Adeloga used her influence and wealth as the daughter of the Frankish leader to found numerous churches and communities for women. These communities became places where women of all classes could live in seclusion, studying holy writings and producing manuscripts.


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