Marie of Montferrat (d. 1212)

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Marie of Montferrat (d. 1212)

Queen and regent of Jerusalem . Name variations: Maria or Mary of Montferrat; Marie de Montferrat; Maria La Marquise; Mary la Marquise of Jerusalem. Died in 1212; daughter of Conrad of Montferrat, king of Jerusalem (r. 1190–1192), and Isabella I of Jerusalem (d. 1205); married John of Brienne also known as John I de Brienne, king of Jerusalem (r.1210–1225), emperor of Constantinople (r. 1228–1237), in 1210; children: Yolande of Brienne (1212–1228), queen of Jerusalem.

Marie of Montferrat was queen under a regency from 1205 to 1212. Her death deprived her husband John I de Brienne of any title to the throne, though he ruled as regent for their daughter Yolande of Brienne until 1225. John de Brienne also married Agnes de Beaumont , daughter of Raoul IV de Beaumont, and Berengaria of Castile (b. around 1199), the infanta of Castile and daughter of Berengaria of Castile (1171–1246) and Alphonso IX of León.

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