Maria de las Mercedes (1880–1904)

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Maria de las Mercedes (1880–1904)

Queen infanta of Spain . Name variations: Maria Mercedes. Born on September 11, 1880; died on October 17, 1904; daughter of Maria Christina of Austria (1858–1929) and Alphonso XII (1857–1885), king of Spain (r. 1875–1885); sister of Alphonso XIII (1886–1941), king of Spain (r. 1886–1931); married Carlos, prince of Bourbon-Sicily, also known as Charles or Charles of Bourbon (1870–1949), conti de Caserta, prince of the Two Sicilies, on February 14, 1901; children: Alphonse of Bourbon-Sicily (b. 1901); Ferdinand (b. 1903); Isabella of Bourbon-Sicily (b. 1904, who married John, count Zamoyski). Charles of Bourbon's second wife was Louise of Orleans (1882–1952).

Maria de las Mercedes was queen of Spain for one year (1885–1886). When her father Alphonso XII died without a male heir on November 25, 1885, the five-year-old Maria was named queen. But her mother Maria Christina of Austria gave birth to a boy on May 17, 1886. Named Alphonso XIII, he succeeded his sister on the day of his birth.

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